The roof over my patio was falling apart. As it was flat, it collected a lot of rain water and was sagging. Blue Sky Roofing came to take a look at it and they said it was no problem. They redid the whole roof so it is slightly sloped and now I don’t have to worry about water collecting there and causing damage to my patio! They did a great job and will definitely speak to them again when monsoon season rolls around!
Brandon T., Phoenix
When a monsoon stripped away some of our shingles and caused a leak in our house, we searched and searched for a good emergency roofing company to take care of it. Blue Sky Roofing was quick to respond and they took care of the leak right away and made sure the shingles were in place and that they weren’t going anywhere. I highly recommend Mr. Chavez and his friendly roofers!
Jocelyn G., Phoenix
Our roof was about thirty years old before we had it replaced, and the job the last roofer did apparently wasn’t up to par with Arizona roofing codes. When Blue Sky Roofing came to inspect our roof to determine what needed to be done, they found all kinds of violations and took care of them as soon as possible. Now, our brand new tile roof is up to code and looks great! Next time we need our roof replaced, I’ll definitely be calling Blue Sky Roofing! They did a great job and left a really clean environment when they were done, making it look like they were never there!
Joseph R., Scottsdale


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